Anti-aging vaccine? Givenchy Vax’n for Youth Serum

Anti-aging vaccine? Givenchy Vax’n for Youth Serum post image

Vaccines have proven very effective in medicine to prevent disease. So Givenchy must have thought: why not take that idea of a vaccine and use it to fight aging!

They came up with this new product: Givenchy’s Vax’in for Youth Serum. The serum was a collaboration of Givenchy with high-profle biogerontologist Professor Suresh Rattan and it promises to improve cellular repair processes which will give a boost to your skin.

The serum works by causing ‘stress’ to the skin cells which in turn try to defend themselves with an age-defying protein known as HSP70.

The serum aims to prevent aging and is therefore recommended for women as young as 25,

It’s a very interesting idea but it will be hard to tell if it actually works. I haven’t seen many online reviews of this product yet, so if you have tried I would be keen to hear what you thought of it.

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