Would you like a monthly beauty suprise?

Treat yourself to a beautybox!

Do you love beauty products and would like to discover more products that suit you? Perhaps you want to be surprised with the latest that the market has to offer?

In that case you could consider subscribing to a monthly beauty box. There are now several companies in Singapore that offer these boxes and one of them is Bella Box. It’s like a little present to yourself each month. I recently received one of Bella Boxes monthly boxes to try it out.

Have a look what was inside the box this August.

The blue box

The box in itself is a treat in and you could keep it to keep some of your jewelry.

bellabox (1 of 4)

This is what it looks like when you open it up, wrapped like a little present.

bellabox (2 of 4)

For you to discover the contents:

bellabox (3 of 4)

And here is what was inside this month:


This is a gentle one-step hydration cleanse for eyes, lips and face. Apart from cleansing it also nourishes and conditions the skin. Price 120ml /$45.

Harnn jasmin & pomegranate hand cream

This is a deliciously fragranced cream that is truly soothing for the hands. Great to keep your hands moisturized throughout the day. Price 50g / $45

Wotnot Facial wipes

These are 100% soft natural fibre wipes that will keep you radiant all day long and are a convenient way to cleanse your face. The wipes contain aloe vera, rosehip and sweet almond oils to gently remove impurities, makeup and (water-proof) mascara). Price 25ml / $9.25

Brilliant 2-step Gel Patch

This is like a mask for the lips.  The gel patch contains hydrogel that helps to moisturise and re-energise the skin. Price  box of 5 / 19.90

Model/Co Cheek & lip tint

If you like some color on your lips and love them tasting sweet you will love this lip tint.

My Life Inc Teaism brew

Long narrow teabags packed in aluminium foil to keep it fresh. Great for achieving balance inside & out.

Good Skin Lab Tri-Aktline Plus Instant Deep Wrinkle filler

If your skin needs a bit of extra help that this thick cream that smoothes fine lines and plumps the skin.

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Discount vouchers

In addition there were some free passes for yoga, a $15 gift voucher for the Enavose cleanser, 20% off for newly launched store MylifeInc.

These were all products I had never seen, so it was a great way to be introduced to them.

If you like to be surprised by a beauty package every month, you can check out BellaBox and sign up for a plan that suits you.

Have you tried any of the beauty boxes? How have you found them?


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