I couldn't resist. I bought myself an Ipad and of course I uploaded it with the best Ipad applications I could find to stay on top of beauty and fashion. Here are my favourites: As I like to read beauty magazines and blogs this is by far the most important application for me. And as it [...]

In my previous articles Detox Diet good for you? and The benefits of detox retreats I talked about the benefits of detoxing and why I was going to a detox retreat. Well, I've been and the experience has been great. So here is my review. I went to the Atsumi detox retreeat in Phuket, Thailand [...]

I love my ihpone and the fun things you can do with it. Take for example all those wonderful applications that can keep you up to date with the latest trends and beauty news. I thought I would highlight my favorite applications for the iphone: I'm a big fan of Zara and Zara now has [...]

In our last article on detox dieting and detoxification you learned how a a detox diet can help make you feel healthier. But how about taking a detox retreat? Spend a whole week (or more!) getting healthier and lose weight in the process. Let's see what a detox retreat is and how you could benefit [...]

This site is about beauty and how we can feel and look better. Much focus is always on the outside and how we can improve our looks. But for a while now I felt that I also needed to write more about how to feel good about yourself which in turn will shine through in [...]

We all want to slow down the anti-aging process and look our best. So what natural treatments are there to make us look better? A common issue of aging is a decrease in the skin's ability to stay hydrated and moisturized. Lack of hydration often can create wrinkles, loss of elasticity, age spots, and other [...]

Today we started the day with partner yoga. A fun yoga session that was actually very good for stretching out. Then I had the usual routine of 1 culima in the morning, massage in the middle of the day, 1 culima in the afternoon + steambath and swim afterward. Only today I had one more [...]

Wow this is already the end of my third day of detox. I sletp well, although with samll breaks in betwee, due to all the fluids I have been drinking. I woke up with tummy cramps. Not unusual for me and of the reasons I;m taking this detox. Felt much better than yesterday though wehn [...]

Today I woke up feeling dreadful. No energy and a bit nauseous. However, we were going to go for a walk and I felt just good enough to join. Luckily the walk wasn’t that strenuous but after the short bus ride home I felt terrible. So I decided to buy a juice to see if [...]

Today i s my first day of my detox retreat in Phuket, Thailand. I got up at 7 and and after a ph test to test if my body is more acidic or alkaline I had 1 hour of yoga. This was lucky so it appears, as one of the students was actually providing the yoga lesson. [...]