Beauty Shops

Strolling through Marina Bay Sands I was stopped by a sales lady from Seacret. Now I usually don't like to be stopped and I normally quickly move on, but this lady was quite persuasive and charming and perhaps I was in a good mood. I think she quickly spotted what kind of girl I am [...]

I came across this lovely shop recently while I was at the Aesthetic Asia Conference. It's a lovely laid out shop full of wonderful scents, perfumes, body treatments, but also makeup of various brands. Some brands include: Stila, By Terry, Annick Goutal, Comme des Garcons, Ren and Jurlique. I loved the way this shop was [...]

Effective Skincare and bodycare products from Australia, US, Japan and Korea! Highly recommended item - V10 Plus serum! These highly concentrated serums are formulated and made in Japan. Each serum addresses a specific skin condition and can be used alone or custom-formulate of up to 3 serums. Best of all, they are made from 100% [...]

DR’s Secret means Dermatology Revolution, a dermatologist skin care that uses revolutionary techniques in its unique blend of natural ingredients. The latest dermatological advancements from around the world  are used to bring you the best range of products for your skin care needs. DR's Secret is a Singapore brand name manufactured in the USA. 480, [...]

Pure Tincture Boutique is a beauty boutique offering face and body care services using 100% pure organic high quality skin care products. Pure Tincture retails a good selection of organic skincare brands from different countries. Some of the brands include suki pure skin care, Madara Eco Cosmetics and Balm Balm.  Their products are known to [...] is a new concept store and lifestyle webiste in Singapore. (aka i-vml) carries a variety of natural, organic and eco-green products that will enable everyone to experience nature’s goodness. Products listed are all imported from the origin countries such as USA, Australia, Canada and Taiwan etc which have been certified as organic and natural. [...]