Reviewing the new Braun Satin-Hair 5 dryer and Braun SensoCare Styler.

Living in Singapore can be a challenge for your hair. In my case it gets frizzy very quickly and it's difficult to keep my hair in good shape. I have frequently used the brazilian blowout keratin treatment to keep it in check, for which you can find a promotion on 40PlusStyle. Another way to look [...]

Aesop has recently introduced a full range of shampoos aimed to put your hair in tip top condition. Each product  incorporates an innovative and effective combination of plant-based and non-botanical ingredients which address a spectrum of needs. What's more each shampoo and conditonar is a sensory pleasure to use, each wtith its own original scent. [...]

KMS Californa recently sent me some of their latest products of their Addvolume Range to try. As a girl with naturally thin hair (that could do with a bit more volume) I was keen to give it a go. KMS California provides a range of professional high-performing hair care and hair styling products. They combine [...]

I received this silk serum together with the bod anti aging eye serum, hand cream and facial exfoliant. Since I'm always struggling with frizzy hair (when my keratin treatment has worn off) I was keen to try this product as well. Organix is a line of hair products that contain active organic ingredients. They are [...]

Frizzy hair is one of the beauty issues here in Singapore due to the humid and hot weather. And believe it or not I only really found out about how to straighten my hair and get the frizz out at quite an advanced age. So if anyone is like me I thought it would be [...]

Is your hair dry or dull or is the Singapore weather constantly causing frizz? Then try out these treatments to get the frizz out of your hair and give your hair some extra care and gloss. If you are in need for a more permanent anti-frizz treatment then read about the brazilian blowout anti-frizz keratin [...]

The brazilian blowout anti-frizz straightening treatment is getting increasingly popular in Singapore. So let's find out what it is exactly and where you can get this treatment in Singapore. Many of us here in Singapore struggle with frizzy hair that is unmanageable. As we all know blowdrying and ironing our hair on a regular basis [...]

We all desire beautiful, healthy hair. However, hairdryers, ironing, colouring and increasing pollution can take its toll on the quality of our hair. Here in Singapore the humid climate can make the hair frizz, which is certainly not a desirable look. 1.  First of all start with healthy hair. If you have damaged hair then, [...]