Not only does Botox help reduce the formation of wrinkles, it can also help make you feel happier. This is the conclusion of an independant study of the American Organisation of Psychological Science. As Botox prevents you from frowning the brain receives less messages to frown, which can cause a sense of unhappiness. Less frowning [...]

As we get older we tend to lose fat in our face. This causes a sunken and sometimes depressed look. A new filler called Sculptra can help with this problem.

As we grow older, ugly lines and shadows appear on our face and the nasal folds and dark shadows below the mouth (causing you to look depressed) may be the ugliest of them all. Once these lines and shadows appear, no cream will help and unfortunately the only solution is to use a cosmetic procedure. [...]

Anti-aging and skincare treatments are always evolving and new treatments have been added this year that could really make a difference. Let's have a look at the best advances in anti-aging and skincare in 2009. Dysport is an alternative to Botox and was FDA approved for the US market in April. Dysport is similar to [...]

What are fillers? If you do not know much about fillers, you may think of hollywood stars or socialites you have seen in magazines who look too full or 'too done', and be put off. Yet fillers when used with a soft and gentle approach, can be used to minimize the effects of aging and [...]

Botox is becoming increasingly popular and now many people in Singapore are getting their Botox shots at private parties. But is this a wise thing to do? Not according to The Health Ministry who says that only registered medical professionals can prescribe Botox. So why are singaporean women going to these parties and what are [...]

Botox is one of the most popular beauty treatments these days. In this article I will discuss what botox is and how it can help you look younger.