I'm a keen tennis player which is the only activity where I will actively be exposed to the hot Singapore sun for a long stretch of time. Needless to say that a very good sunscreen cream is absolutely essential. Now I have been quite slack when it comes to sun protection creams and have always [...]

As we grow older, ugly lines and shadows appear on our face and the nasal folds and dark shadows below the mouth (causing you to look depressed) may be the ugliest of them all. Once these lines and shadows appear, no cream will help and unfortunately the only solution is to use a cosmetic procedure. [...]

This is an article from Dr Christopher Ng on the Spectra VRM III Laser Treatment combined with Omnilux LED Phototherapy. Spectra VRM III is a CE and FDA approved non-ablative laser used in the treatment of many aesthetic conditions. Its advantages of being non-ablative means that it delivers the benefits of much more aggressive procedures [...]

We all want to keep our youthful looks for as long as possible. If you are young then make sure to prevent aging of your skin so you still look great at 40. If you are past 40, make sure to never ever do the following ever again. Ok it’s obivous and hopefully you knew [...]

What are fillers? If you do not know much about fillers, you may think of hollywood stars or socialites you have seen in magazines who look too full or 'too done', and be put off. Yet fillers when used with a soft and gentle approach, can be used to minimize the effects of aging and [...]

What's hot in the world of beauty today? I thought it would be a good idea to see what beauty tips and resources people are really looking for at the moment. So check out these 10 popular beauty books. And if you like them your can order them conveniently online through Amazon. Making Faces by [...]

The brazilian blowout anti-frizz straightening treatment is getting increasingly popular in Singapore. So let's find out what it is exactly and where you can get this treatment in Singapore. Many of us here in Singapore struggle with frizzy hair that is unmanageable. As we all know blowdrying and ironing our hair on a regular basis [...]

In Oprah's latest episode on Singapore television, some amazing beauty secrets and facts were revealed. Let's recap some of what was learned.

Botox is one of the most popular beauty treatments these days. In this article I will discuss what botox is and how it can help you look younger.

Why do some people age so much faster than others? Part of reason for this may be found in our genes, but there are also a lot of things we can personally do.