Heart disease is one of the top killers and poor diet is one of the reasons so many of us develop heart disease. Other factors include, of course, the usual culprits like smoking and poor exericising. We all know that too many saturated fats like fatty bacon rashers will not help the cause but research [...]

New research by the Arkansas Children's Nutrition Centre has revealed that blueberries are even better for you than we already knew! In addition to being a powerful antioxidant, it is now believed that the berries also contain compounds that help with building strong, healthy bones. Although the research has only been carried out on rats [...]

You may have heard dr. Oz talk about this on Oprah or came across it in the news. More and more research points to the fact that we can considerably prolong our lives by eating less and restrict our calorie intake. Of course this is often the opposite of what we are doing. We tend to [...]

Alzheimer's is one common disease at older age that everyone wants to avoid. So it is exciting to read that new research has shown some progress into how to avoid it.

How are you feeling lately? Feeling relaxed? Energy levels high? Weight in check? Or do you feel that you could do with a little refuelling? I certainly felt I needed some, so I decided to go on a detox retreat recently. I had done it before so I knew it would be a great way [...]

Last weekend I attended the Aesthetics Asia congress in Singapore. Here are some of the recommendations and new developments in the field of anti-aging. As expected there was a lot of emphasis from many physicians to protect your skin from the sun. This is especially true for younger people as appearantly most sun damage to [...]

I often get asked how I can maintain my weight. People may see me eating sweets, never skip dessert and never worry about dieting. I always thaught I may have lucky genes, which may be true, but as I get more educated on food I also realise that I have a lot of the right [...]

In my previous articles Detox Diet good for you? and The benefits of detox retreats I talked about the benefits of detoxing and why I was going to a detox retreat. Well, I've been and the experience has been great. So here is my review. I went to the Atsumi detox retreeat in Phuket, Thailand [...]

Losing weight is never an easy task. Of course you can go on a detox diet and lose some kilos fast but that can only get you so far. Now research has shown that it actually helps to keep  a diary while you are trying to lose weight. If you monitor your daily food intake [...]

In our last article on detox dieting and detoxification you learned how a a detox diet can help make you feel healthier. But how about taking a detox retreat? Spend a whole week (or more!) getting healthier and lose weight in the process. Let's see what a detox retreat is and how you could benefit [...]