detox day 2

detox culima building

Today I woke up feeling dreadful. No energy and a bit nauseous. However, we were going to go for a walk and I felt just good enough to join. Luckily the walk wasn’t that strenuous but after the short bus ride home I felt terrible.

So I decided to buy a juice to see if it would do me any good. As it was still only about 8.30 I had a bit of a rest. My next culima would be at 10.30.

After my rest I already felt a lot better. I’m not sure if it was the juice or just the extra rest but I was ready to get the culima done and get some of the toxins (that were probably causing the nausea) out of the body.
As I was now comfortable with the procedure of the culima it was a relaxing ezperience and I felt even better afterwards. Still not too much energy for a lot of strenuous activity though, so I went back to my room and started readking the booklets on detoxing they gave us. The whole detox process was explained again and the importance of cleansing and keeping a healthy liver.

At 1.30 I went for my massage. As I liked my message so much the other day I opted to have the same one again. And it did not disappoint. My body really needs the firm pressure to loosen up all the muscles. After the masaage I felt invigorated and quite energetic!

I took my second set of mud drinks (which is by far the worst part of this retreat!) and relaxed some more before heading of to my second culima. As you progress your fast the excretions get more fluid. After 2 days there is chance of actually getting rid of some of the plaque that tends to form on your intestines.

After the culima I went for a steam bath, basically just a hot sauna which further helps to eliminate the toxins of the body. It’s extremely hot in there so I didn’t last for long but I decided to freshen up with a swim and then go in again. This is perfect combination which I will definitely repeat again tomorrow.
Then it was time for a chinese medicine talk before settling for the evening.

Although the day started quite awkward I feel really good now. The day was relaxing and with all that ‘work’ to do, it goes extremely fast. Time for some more relaxation now and a good movie!

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