detox day 3

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Wow this is already the end of my third day of detox. I sletp well, although with samll breaks in betwee, due to all the fluids I have been drinking.

I woke up with tummy cramps. Not unusual for me and of the reasons I;m taking this detox. Felt much better than yesterday though wehn I woke up. At 7.30 it was time for the “morning ritual” which was a comination of tai chi and yoga. Again the usual schedule with one culima in the morning, massage in between and culima and steambath in the afternoon.

The culimas are actually quite nice. It is done in private here, very discrete and clean. And it’s a great fealing to get that cleansing.

I also really look forward to my massage every day. Today I had a thai massage which is quite strong and effective. I ended the afternoon with a steambath combined with swimming. The afmosphere here is very relaxing and it’s very easy just to chill out. Have a steambath, then a swim, another steambath, drink some ginger tea…. I might just get used to this.

In between of course were the usual herbs and the sake. Am still not liking the shakes but can cope with it ok. I’ve also tried coconut water for the first time in my life. I heard some bad stories about the taste that I never dared touching it. But is actually is quite nice and when you are detoxing it is a really good ‘pick-me-up”.

6 oclock is the time of day when a clear broth arrives. I can tell you clear broth never tasted this good!
At 7 we had a session of thai kickboxing today. A great workout where we learned the techniques of thai boxing and we got all the anger and frustration (if any) out of our bodies. I loved this session and was really energised by it.

All in all this was a good day. I feel very enrgetic and refreshed and am ready for tomorrow!

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