detox day 4

detox retreat swimming pool
Today we started the day with partner yoga. A fun yoga session that was actually very good for stretching out.

Then I had the usual routine of 1 culima in the morning, massage in the middle of the day, 1 culima in the afternoon + steambath and swim afterward. Only today I had one more massage thrown in by a Chinese lady who specialises in restoring the balance in the body, especially the tummy area.

The day ended with a really interesting talk on how to proceed with the ‘afterfast’ and healthy eating from here on onwards. Learned a lot of valuable new stuff here which I will share in later posts.

So all in all a busy, but still very relaxing day. I still don’t find it difficult to stick to the fasting especially as we are allowed to drink coconot water (not to be confused with codonut milk which is not so good for you). Coconut water is drank straight out of the coconut and is actually quite nice. Great when you are detoxing as it revitalises and reallly gives you a boost.

This ends my 4 days of full fast but as mentioned before there is still an after fast. It is important to move gently into foods again in order for your metabolism to kick in appropriately so you can actually keep the pounds off that you’ve lost!

Sofar I have lost about 2.5 kgs.

Tomorrow I will be treated to salads and fruit juices. Can’t wait!

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