Detox retreats – what are the benefits?

detox retreat

In our last article on detox dieting and detoxification you learned how a a detox diet can help make you feel healthier. But how about taking a detox retreat? Spend a whole week (or more!) getting healthier and lose weight in the process. Let’s see what a detox retreat is and how you could benefit from it.

What is a detox retreat?

A detox retreat is a place where you can fast and cleanse your body of physical and emotional toxins that accumulates from modern stressful lifestyles. You can opt for a 4, 7 or 10 program where you will eat limited food and have colonic irrigation treatments on a daily basis. A good retreat will also provide yoga classes, daily massages, a fasting consultation, a fasting guide and notes, and other relaxing and enjoyable activities like walking or fitness classes. Detox retreats have become increasingly popular and you will find them all over the world.

Why do I need to fast?

Today’s life is fast, with fast food made for immediate consumption, vegetables that contain pesticides and meat that contains many preservatives or is injected with antibiotics. Processed food is also loaded with saturated fat, sugar and salt.

If you combine the over-consumption of these with stress and the pace we live at, it is no wonder that toxins accumulate in the body and often makes us fat. When the body is overwhelmed by these excess toxins, they bypass the elimination channels and are directly stored in fatty tissues under the skin, to prevent them from entering the blood stream.

As toxins continue to build up, new cell formation is disrupted and your immune system is weakened. By fasting or drastically restricting the amount of calories eaten even for a short time – you can rest your digestive system and cleanse your elimination channels. If you have excess weight it will help you to lose this weight fast.

How will I cope with the fasting?

I’m not sure but I’ve been told that it is not as hard as it seems. Many people don’t experience any hunger at all as they just feel so much better. You will still drink a lot of water and will be provided with all necessary nutrients through herbs and special drinks. Most good retreats will also provide good supervision through experienced staff.

So what will you do all day?

The beauty of a detox retreat is that fasting is combined with activities like yoga, massage or even dancing so the whole process can be fun and relaxing. Plus, you will have time to relax, reflect and catch up on your reading.

In summary what are the benefits of visiting a detox retreat:

  • You will lose weight fast and safely
  • It will strengthen the immune system
  • It can help with insomnia
  • It can clear congestion and improve functioning of the digestive tract
  • It helps reduce chronic ailments like asthma and colitis
  • It helps with anti-aging
  • It improves skin condition and results in a radiant complexion
  • It increases energy and general zest for life
  • It may get you off junk food!
  • It will help you to lead a healthier and more balanced life.

I’m going to try it out! Stay tuned, subsribe to the RSS feed or become a fan on our facebook page and you will find out how I did! If you want to find a great yoga or detox retreat, then here is a website with the best yoga and detox retreats.

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  • Kimberly March 30, 2012, 10:51 pm

    Hello, I am interested in doing a detox yoga retreat. Due to ulcerative colitis, I no longer have a colon. I would not need the colonics. Is there something else that I could substitute? Are there saunas?

  • Sylvia March 31, 2012, 11:12 am

    Hi Kimberly. You would need to check with the retreats. The ones I have been to have a sauna / steam bath room that you can go to after 4, so that wouldn’t be a problem. (but that’s usually already included in the price) Perhaps you could get an extra massage?

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