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I have tried quite a few facials over the last year and at times I have been disappointed by the overall quality of the facial. So I’m wondering am I really being too fussy or am I correct in believing that facials should at least have the following components:

1. Welcome me as a valued customer

This means that I do not want to be kept waiting. In the case that waiting cannot be helped I want sincere apologies. I also want to be greeted with a smile. Ideally I want to be greeted with my name (since I did have an appointment!)

2. Ensure the premises are clean

That would include the treatment rooms. In many salons the reception is luxurious and fancy but the treatment rooms are tiny and often poorly maintained. This is the room where I will be spending most of my time. So please spend some attention on the treatment rooms too!

3. Provide proper space for my belongings

Please make sure that there is a dedicated place for my clothes in the room. I don’t want to have to find a spot. Have a hanger ready and a place for my valuables.

4. Make me comfortable and relaxed

This is a big one! Part of the allure of having a facial is the relaxation. So it is really important that everything is done to ensure that I can relax and de-stress. In order to get in this state of relaxation please ensure the following:

  • The treatment rooms need to be quiet. I really do not want to listen to chatter in the hallways. If you can’t keep the noise down, then improve the walls of the treatment rooms and make them more noise proof.
  • There needs to be some relaxing music in the background. This needs to be calming music (not too loud, not too soft)
  • The room temperature cannot be too cold. Or, if it is, I need to be pvovided with warm blankets. Too many times I have been too cold to relax during facials.

5. Provide proper care during the facial

It’s important that the therapist is skilled and trained and ideally she would be able to speak a bit of English. Again I want to feel that I’m important. I don’t understand why the therapist needs to leave during a mask or other procedures. What can possibly be more important than looking after a customer and make sure he / she is happy?

There are so many things you can do:

  • Give a hand and arm massage
  • Give a foot massage
  • Give a shoulder massage
  • Give a head massage

Also please ensure to cover the eyes during a mask. It helps to relax and stops you from staring at the ceiling.

6. Educate me about my skin

When I go for a facial I expect to see a skilled therapist that knows more about skin than I do. So I would like her to share her knowledge with me. What kind of skin do I have? How best to look after it? Not a single therapist has done this sofar.  That would explain to me why more and more people choose to see a doctor in Singapore for a facial.

7. Use high quality products that are suitable for my skin

Since so little time is usually spend analyzing my skin, I often feel that not the appropriate products are used. Also ensure that these are high quality products!

8. Make me feel comfortable after the facial

Very often my hair and face looks a bit of a mess directly after the facial. So please provide some basics like a hair comb or mirror so I can tidy up my face and comb my hair before I step out of the room.

I also appreciate a nice cup of herbal tea after the treatment and a friendly person asking me how I liked the facial.

In my opinion all of the above are the basics that every salon should get right. There is no point attracting new customers with special deals and then disappoint them at the appointment itself. The only way that you can grow a business and encourage people to have more facials is by offering a superb service that will keep customers coming back for more.

What do you think? What is important for you in a facial?

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