How much does Botox cost in Singapore?

Cost of botox

Thinking about getting Botox, but don’t know where to go? I did a little bit of research to find out which clinics offer Botox and advertise their prices for this service online. Here is a quick summary for the cost of Botox in Singapore below.

Please note that these prices were advertised on the company’s websites on 22/5/2011. Always check with the provider about current prices.

I will update this table as I come across more prices.

Botox offeredNo. of unitsCompanyPrice
General botox (average price)not specifiedDavid Loh$800
General botox includes forehead, frown and crow's feet60Shim Clinic$938
General botox60Raffles Medical Group$940
Botoxnot specifiedIYAC$300-$1500 depending on area

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