How the right blow dryer and hair styler can make a difference to your hair

Great hair is essential to your overall appearance but due to the high humidity in Singapore, I find it a huge challenge to keep my hair looking great. My hair is thin and frizzes easily so a good blow dryer and straightener are essential in my hair grooming routine.

I was therefore keen to try out the new Braun Satin-Hair 5 dryer and SensoCare Styler and see if they would make a difference to my hair.

BraunSatinHairDryerWhat is different about the Braun Satin-Hair 5 dryer HD 510

The Satin-Hair 5 dryer eliminates static build-up and Braun’s ion technology acts like a natural moisturizer during drying, taming frizz and static and leaving your hair gorgeously shiny and smooth.

As each individual’s hair is unique, the Satin-Hair 5 dryer has 3 heat and 2 airflow settings. The calibrated fan technology distributes the heat evenly so that your hair gets dried efficiently without drying out.

The Cold Shot function allows you to cool your hair and set your style in place. The cold shot also protects your hair, preventing the heat from remaining in your hair longer than necessary. The heat may go, but the style will last longer.

What is different about the Braun SensoCare Styler?


The Braun SensoCare styler is an intelligent styler that feels hair and automatically adapts its temperature for ultimate protection.

Built-in sensors within the styler detect moisture level of each hair and adjust their temperature from root to tip, ensuring style with maximum heat protection. The IONTEC technology embedded within the styler reduces friction and allows you to have glossy and gorgeous hair.

The Braun Sensocare has active curling edges and cool tip to achieve perfect and controlled creation of curls and waves. The floating plates ensure 3x smoother gliding and distribute pressure evenly to prevent hair damage.


styledhairHair dryer

I was able to get my hair dry quicker without overheating. The cool setting is ideal for the last part of your drying, making sure that I got maximum shine into the hair and minimum frizz. My hair definitely looked better after drying with this new dryer as compared to my old one.


It is really interesting how the temperature adapter actually works. After setting up your hair profile (in my case thin, middle long hair) the iron never gets hotter than it needs to be and you feel it cooling off a bit as you iron your hair and the heat is too high.

I also really liked the floating plates. They are extremely smooth and it feels like the iron glides over my hair really smoothly and distributes the heat evenly.

Overall conclusion

I’m very happy with my new styling set which is a definite improvement over my existing one. They get my hair in shape quicker with less heat which will ensure my hair stays nicer for longer!

The Braun Sensocare and Braun Satin-Hair 5 dryer are available in Singapore now at all major electrical chain stores, departmental stores, selected hypermarkets and independent electrical stores. The recommended retail price for the styler will be $160 and for the hairdryer $99.

For more information, please visit the Braun website.

The hairstyler and dryer were provided to me by Braun for editorial consideration.


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