Mary chia power of diamond facial – a review

Facial Mary Chia
I visited Mary Chia’s salon in Ngee Ann City to treat myself to the diamond face sparkler facial treatment. This is advertised as a form of microdermabrasion and I was keen to try it out.


I was on time (at 11 am) but unfortunately, noone of the service staff was there to great me yet, so I had a seat in the comfortable lounge. I was actually kept waiting until 11.20 until I could go to the room to get my treatment.
As in so many salons in Singapore the treatment rooms do not follow the luxury of the reception areas and were very basic and small.

The treatment

After the cleansing of my face, the therapist started the rejuvenating power of diamond treatment. According to the brochure the “special microdermabrasion wand gently abrades your skin to effectively remove dead skin cells. The abrasive action of natural diamond chips work hand in hand with the cleansing action of vacuum to give you instant results”.
It is said to help with blackheads and whiteheads, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, fine lines and sun damaged skin. Great, just what I need!
The actual procedure actually felt like a little hover was vacuuming my skin. It is completely painless and actually feels quite nice. The therapist does one part of the face first to show you the difference between the left and right side. I always find it hard to see but I did notice that the treated part of the face felt a lot softer and smoother and it looked ‘cleaner’. So after that the other part of the face is done. At the end the therapist shows you a little cotton pad that has captured all the dead skin cells.
After the power of diamond treatment the therapist proceeded to shape my eyebrows, which I declined. Thereafter the face is prepped for a mask. I was given a soothing wet mask that was left on for 15 minutes. The company uses their own product line and the product felt good on the skin. Unfortunately, the therapist left the room and I was not given any eye pads. As you will know from my recent article facials how to get it right in 8 steps, I think that time could have been used more effectively.
After the mask the face was cleansed and moisturized and after a quick massage I was ready to go.

Overall verdict

I thought that the rejuvenating power of diamond treatment was very effective. I would have liked a little more attention to detail in terms of comfort and the remainder of the facial though.
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  • Jen Ng October 22, 2013, 5:00 pm

    For such treatments, you should go to an aesthetic doctor’s clinic. I have been on microdermabrasion for many years and the procedure really cleanses your skin. I go there every 6 weeks.

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