Pearl Facial at Body contours – a review

Body Contours Singapore day spa

Day spa Body Contours in Singapore has recently introduced their new Oriential Pearl Face Spa facial. I decided to give it a try.

About Body Contours

Body Contours is a day spa with several outlets in Singapore. I went to their Hill Street Location, where a special promotion was held for their new Oriental Pearl facial. It was busy on this day (due to the special promotion) and I can imagine that the atmosphere would normally be more peaceful and subdued. The reception is luxurious, but the treatment rooms were small but practical.

What is this facial all about?

The facial derives its name from the pearl powder used during the treatment. It’s a white powder-like substance that is full of vitamin C and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It is applied twice during the facial.

Facial procedure

Body Contours spa treatment roomAfter cleansing and exfoliation (no steaming or extraction), the pearl powder is applied to the face. After that a mask is applied that is left on for about 20 minutes. There is a little bit of face and neck massage in between. After the mask the Pearl powder is applied again, followed by toner and sunblock.

What was the facial like?

I liked the general feel and smell of the products used and the Pearl Powder is an interesting product. I’m not a great fan of masks and in this facial the mask was left on for what seemed like a long time. For me it’s always best to have something else happening (like a good massage) during the mask to distract me from the usual discomfort I usually feel from the masks. However, the result afterwards was very good. My skin felt soft, well hydrated and with a lovely glow.

Price and Location

The Oriental Pearl Facial costs $280, but becomes a lot cheaper when bought in a package deal. For more information and location details check out the Body Contours website.

Did you have this facial as well? Let us know how it was for you!

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  • Peggy Wong October 22, 2010, 4:16 pm

    i tried the pearl facial as well couple of days ago . but it cost me only $18 +7gst. after the pearl facial, i can see my face abit brighter and slightly whiter. it did amaze me abit but the consultants there (royal brother building) turn me off big time. they show their black face when i reject their offer of sign of their package.

    after 2 days of consideration, i thought of taking the facial package but the attitude of the consultants still turns me off. guess i got to start sourching for new facial saloons

  • Sylvia October 23, 2010, 5:12 pm

    Hi Peggy,

    Thanks for your feedback. Yes the sales people can be quite agresseive selling their packages after a promotion. My advice is to never sign up for a promotion on the day. Always think about it first at home. I hardly ever sign up for a package as I like a variety of treatments.

  • ASHISH July 11, 2011, 7:09 pm

    I realised there is a kind of “scam” being propagated by Body Contours. Not sure where they get the numbers from, they call up to mention that you have been selected for a complimentary treatment if you are interested. When you say yes & fix up a time, they say that the “Manager” will call to confirm the appointment & ask if you are a Singaporean or PR. The caller made a comment that my English was very good & it appeared to her that I’m a “Norwegian” (I was somewhat appalled by her knowledge of English & ascents & possibly she was confused by my name also) to which I replied no I’m an Indian PR, she appeared a bit disappointed & tried to cover up saying the appointment is confirmed . Soon after the so called “Manager” by the name of “Sindy” (unless that’s her pseudo name ) call up to say that I have been given a complimentary $38 discount treatment . When I challenged her that the earlier caller said it was “complimentary” & what kind of irony is “Complimentary- $38 diccount”? She resorted that assistant is a new employee & made a mistake. Then I reveled to her that I had received similar calls about an year back , as well as a couple of years back with the same excuse & some other people have also reported on similar lines regarding the unethical tendency and hard selling tactics. I told that I am going to report them to the social networking forums & authorities, she said she is ok with that. Others who have attended for complimentary treatments also reported the same experience like Ms.Peggy. People, specially unassuming ladies need to be warned about this kind of scams & possibly report such unethical practices to the trade authorities.
    As Sylvia correctly advised, never sign up for a package on the same day though they will say offer is only valid for that day or limited people ,etc – that’s again their hard selling tactics.

  • succumbed bad May 15, 2012, 12:13 am

    I was contacted by the call centre and went for a free session and in the end got roped in to purchase their hair loss treatment package for close to $1,000.
    Thinking back, I was too easily persuaded by their sales pitch. You are correct, they will try to hard sell you saying that the offer is only valid today because its you first time visit and only applicable then.
    Anyone knows about their hair loss treatment program?

  • Cindy Lee September 19, 2013, 5:11 pm

    Please hear me. Many years ago, I signed packages with Body Contours. Even before I was half way through each package, the persistent consultants would persuade me to upgrade my treatment or buy products. There was no end to it. I got so tired of their hard sales. I took the IPL package with them. No results on the first round (5 sessions). Took another 5 sessions and requested for another beautician or they called technician. This time I saw some results. Subsequently, I was persuaded to take the laser package as Body Contours has tie with some doctors doing laser and other treatments. Was assure by the consultants that my pigmented spot would lighten. Lol and behold, after the 5th which was also my last session, I didn’t see any different to the spot! I stopped going to them and took my colleague’s advice to see Dr SK Tan at DRX, Tong Building. Within a month after using the lightening and other products, my pigmented spot was lightened! Even my husband noted the difference. In fact he even suggested that I sue Body Contours for conning all my thousand of $$$ over the years. So my fellow readers, please don’t fall into their trap. Don’t take up any of their packages. Otherwise you will regret it because the consultants will keep pestering you to upgrade or buy products!

  • Chloe September 25, 2013, 11:22 am

    Same here! I had receive phone calls yesterday from Body Contours located at 30 Hill Street. It was an Indian man, who keep persuading me to go for their free trial which only last 1 hour. He mention i do not have to bring down my wallet and this free trial is to test their beautician skill and for us consumers to give some feedback. Personally, i do not believe in those co calling beauty spa, if they are good, why would they even bother to do co calling and giving out free trial? Right? Therefore i rejected his offer, but to my surprise he insisted for me to book an appointment by saying “this is a free trial, it is free, you do not have to pay anything and it only 1 hour, after this you can go home.” and he set a date for me the next day. And…… The next day he called, i told him i could not make it because i’m not free. But i seriously doubt he heard a single word i said, cause he kept saying “it is only a 1 hr trial and after this you are free. it is free, you do not have to pay for anything.” Are they so desperate to have costomer? LOL…..

  • Jade February 11, 2014, 12:01 am

    I should have done up all my research before going to any promotions or free deals despite my busy schedule. Not only did i went to body contour, i went to their sister company, physiomed, as well earlier today. Both located at RB Capital Building. Dr. Sameer Hussain, at physiomed was very friendly but I can still feel a strain in my neck even after 7 hours. Hope that it will be fine tomorrow else i think i need a scan incase of permanently injury. Those that intend to try please do not let people you cant trust completely to twist your neck ever although you can still try the back chiropractic as it is similar to a body massage. The consultant i met was trying to selling me a package at student price and when i asked if my mom could use them instead since i just needa maintain the condition of my spinal cord. She said yes! But doesnt that meant my mom can buy a student package through me? Moreover, she doesnt even know if my mom needs any treatment. Maybe my facial expression was too surprised as she continued saying that my mom needs a scan first but as i probe again, she tried to avoid answering by saying first trial is $58. As i had another appointment which is with Body Contour, I let it pass after taking a brochure. The same consultant was there at Body Contour but another consultant serve me instead, her name is Cecila or Cecilia i think(heard from her colleague). Cecila, was friendly and cheerful, promoting the cny eye facial at $38 to add on my complimentary facial. She didnt seem to mind even when I answered I had left my cards at home since theft was found in school, furthermore, i had lunch at TWG so basically left like $20 in my wallet. But when she walked to the reception counter, she shouted loudly that I didnt bring money. I didnt mind as i know they will hard sell their packages or products after the treatment. The therapist that served me was pretty nice, good attitude and full of manners. The facial feels good too. I saw the brand that they are using which is Dibi, totally different from the cosmetics they displayed at the counter unless they use their containers which is illogical. Cecila serve me again after the whole treatment. She started by saying special price for me, even the lady at the next table is offered a higher price so i reminded her that i didnt bring any cards but she insist that I can go back again to pay the full sum and again the famous quote “only valid for today for you”. Then I started to probe her questions like how long has this company been established, she said 17years but i wasnt sure if it is true. Dermatological products are everywhere so why should i choose them and she said cant say anything about other products but theirs is surely the renowned and of quality, appointments packed and regular customers never fails to ask their friends along etc. Finally, I cut her off by saying that I would like to try Clarins instead as I had been using some of their products so no harm trying their facial but Cecila replied rudely that trying all kinds of products and treatments will ruin my face eventually and even insult me by saying i looked like a 30 even though i am 25 this year. Since she lost her patience even after a small talk, I just replied yea cause my exam is round the corner, and i just recovered from a fever. I left hastily though i wasnt affected by what she had said but to halt any further unpleasant comments. I decided to search up on physiomed and Body contour, and i did not find any unpleasant comments about physiomed but as for Body contour, they seem to have a bad name.

  • Chrisgin April 3, 2014, 6:20 pm

    I was so happy being selected for a free facial @ body contours. Although the maketing calls by andi was abit annoying. When I reach there just right after the registration they try to persuade me to upgrade the treatment @$98 for 1st time customer, Or eyes treatment or anything as long as u pay for something. After a long consultation and persuading about an hrs. I proceed with their foc facial total 7steps cleanse, scrub, steam, a super quick extraction, oil massage for face and neck, eyes brow trimming, mask and end with a fragrance moisturising creme.
    Over the facial was not bad they did trimmed a very good shap brows but the facial room was abit noise as the partition walls was not up to ceiling heights. After that, once your facial done you’ll be asked to sit there and continued with the sale consultant on their packaged from $900-$500. Total I spend 3hrs ++ there. So make sure you have time then only you go for this 1hrs facial. Hppe you find this sharing useful tq.

  • nitsujo June 23, 2014, 7:20 pm

    I just got a call from body contours. Firstly, I have never done any services with them before so am pretty surprised at being selected for their anniversary promo. The caller told me pretty much the same story, that I was eligible for a free treatment and all I had to do was turn up. Thing is she wanted me to confirm which treatment session right away and provide all sorts of private info just to secure a slot, while assuring that there would b no hard selling. It was a lil ironic considering how she was using all these hard-sell techniques to get me to turn up. I still rejected the offer.

  • chin peng January 31, 2015, 11:23 am

    Don’t ever want to go to such a place like body contours. Called me in for a supposingly free appointment and later when I was there, told me that it is not free cos I have been there before in other branches! If so, why call me in the first place and waste my time??? Try instead to sign me on packages. Either poor technology or internal communication or just a ploy for marketing. Beware all potential and future customers! Definitely spoil my whole day.

  • Samantha April 29, 2015, 4:35 pm

    I bought a massage + scrub groupon & arranged for hill street branch of body contours last week.

    The maaseur was very honest. She told me it is easy to set a new spa as all pavkage payments are collected upfront. But very difficult to sustain, and after customer finishes package very hard to get them to renew.

    After my massge and scrub, I met a consultant Judy. She pushed $1,800 for 20 massages package to me. I tested her knowledge between bali, deep tissue & Swedish massage but all she told me was different customers prepare different type of massage but cannot explain to me the differences. I say I not interested and she offered $900 for 10 massage package. When ask why can’t I think about it for a few days, she said she key in my particulars already & promotion only for immediate. I then suggested she can easily key in my particulars again another day & ask her manager to extend the promotion period. She then face black black and said their groupon deal don’t even cover costs. She then bluntly asked when credit cards I have. After wasting each other’s time for 15mins, she suddenly stood up & walk away.

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