detox retreat

In my previous articles Detox Diet good for you? and The benefits of detox retreats I talked about the benefits of detoxing and why I was going to a detox retreat. Well, I've been and the experience has been great. So here is my review. I went to the Atsumi detox retreeat in Phuket, Thailand [...]

Today we started the day with partner yoga. A fun yoga session that was actually very good for stretching out. Then I had the usual routine of 1 culima in the morning, massage in the middle of the day, 1 culima in the afternoon + steambath and swim afterward. Only today I had one more [...]

Wow this is already the end of my third day of detox. I sletp well, although with samll breaks in betwee, due to all the fluids I have been drinking. I woke up with tummy cramps. Not unusual for me and of the reasons I;m taking this detox. Felt much better than yesterday though wehn [...]

Today I woke up feeling dreadful. No energy and a bit nauseous. However, we were going to go for a walk and I felt just good enough to join. Luckily the walk wasn’t that strenuous but after the short bus ride home I felt terrible. So I decided to buy a juice to see if [...]

Today i s my first day of my detox retreat in Phuket, Thailand. I got up at 7 and and after a ph test to test if my body is more acidic or alkaline I had 1 hour of yoga. This was lucky so it appears, as one of the students was actually providing the yoga lesson. [...]