The benefits of using an ion cleanser: introducing the new Hitachi HadaCrie Cool

Hitachi HadaCrie Cool review

My main priority when it comes to beauty is healthy skin. I tend to use as minimal makeup as possible and therefore it is essential that my skin looks healthy, hydrated and radiant. Key to achieving that is good skincare.

For the longest time I have been wanting to try out a facial cleanser and when Hitachi offered the opportunity to try out their HadaCrie Cool, I was very keen to give it a try.

What is an Ion facial cleanser?


An ion facial cleanser pulls out dirt using ion power. When the head of the cleanser is applied onto the skin, negative-ionized dirt (stains, dead skin, makeup) which is trapped in the pores of the skin will be pulled out through the effect of the positive electric current.


The more effective removal of dirt results in smaller pores and cleaner skin with less black and white heads.



Not only can the HadaCrie Cool, cleanse your skin, it can moisturize it as well.

Instead of the positive electric current, it uses the negative settings this time which penetrates the lotion deed into your skin. This means your moisturizer will go into your skin deeper and moisture retention will last longer. Since dry skin is the cause of a lot of skin issues like wrinkles, blothes and acne, the more moisture that can be retained deep into the skin, the better.


Pore tightening

What is so special about this particular machine is that it also helps you improve the direct appearance of your skin. It has a cooling function that minimises your pores instantly, resulting in a more toned and healthy looking skin. This mimics the effect that can be obtained by more traditional methods like icing your skin.

So how does the HadaCrie Cool work?

To go through the whole process from cleansing to cooling, you follow 4 steps:

  1. First you apply the Cleansing mode. Recommended time is 5 min.
  2. Then you select the Micro-Pat mode which optimises you skin for the moisturizing ingredient in the next step. 5 min recommended.
  3. Apply your moisturizer onto the pad and apply to your skin in the Moisturizing mode. 5 minutes again.
  4. Finally, select the Cool Aesthetic mode to cool your skin and minimize your pores. 3 minutes

Of course you don’t have to go through the whole process every time. You can just pick and choose your modes and select those that you have time for. You can also make the time shorter, as the HadaCrie Cool will just stop working whenever you want it to.

Seeing it in action

I have been enjoying using my new gadget and next week, I will tell you a bit more about my personal experience with the HadaCrie Cool and will show it in action.

So stay tuned for more details about my new favorite skincare gadget! For more information on this product and others in this range you can check out the Hitachi product page.

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