Whisper Cosmo meets aerial yoga

I don’t envy the PR agent who has to promote a sanitary pad. Let’s face it. It’s not exactly the sexiest product or something that we like to talk about all that much. That is why they were smart enough to couple their PR event with something new and exciting: aerial yoga.

As a yoga enthusiast (but not always practitioner) I was keen to try out something new.

How do the 2 connect you may wonder?

Well, the people at Whisper Cosmo want to prove that their new sanitary pad is so safe, thin and flexible that you can use it even upside down without having any leakage and without anyone noticing that it’s THAT time of the month.

I must say the pad DOES look extremely thin and comfortable. They are making use of a new technology called Lactoflex, which is a miracle, light-weight foam made from liquid. This is what it looks like.


What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga or yogafly as Upside Motion likes to call it, helps you stretch, strengthen and tone your body through a series of unconventional suspension techniques. It fuses the benefits of traditional yoga, dance and aerial acrobatics for a unique full-body workout that targets your core muscles without placing unnecessary pressure on the spine and joints.


It definitely makes yoga more fun and it’s not as difficult as it looks. Within an hour, all present were able to do 3 aerial poses. We stood like a tree in the air, flew around the room and bend all the way backwards for a head stand (without your head touching the ground.


It was a lot of fun and certainly something that I will like to do again!

More info

Whisper Cosmo comes with 3 options: Heavy Day (24cm with wings) at SGD 6.50, Whisper Cosmo Heavy Day/Night (27cm with wings) at SGD 7.90 and Whisper Cosmo Heavy Night (30cm with wings) SGD 8.90

Upside Motion has 2 studios. One is at Bukit Timah, 100 Turf Club Road #01-02L/X Singapore 287992. +65 6465 1559 and the other at 36 Armenian Street #02-03 Singapore 179934. + 65 6636 6859 For more information, you can check out their website at www.upsidemotion.com

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